"The Blues is an expression of anger against shame and humiliation" (B.B.King)...Enough said!!!

The Blues is an African American music genre the traverses a multitude of emotions. It is an expression  anger, depression, oppression, rage, and yes even happiness. It can speak of lives, loves and money lost or stolen. It can also celebrate life's pleasures and successes with hope and our ability to overcome life's travesties and injustices.

The Blues is one of Americas greatest musical treasures. The Blues started to emerge as a genre around the turn of the last century. Its roots were born out of a combination of African American slave songs, field hollers, work songs and spirituals. Originally sung and played by rural traveling  musicians on guitar, it spread from the southern United States areas of Louisiana and Eastern Texas, Traditionally called the Mississippi Delta.

Eventually as African Americans migrated northward to escape their current circumstances and Jim Crow Laws. They moved up the  Mississippi River, and settled in cities such as Memphis and Chicago. It was then that the Blues started to change to reflect more urban set of circumstances and problems.