Q) What do I need to start with MusiciansRoom.com?

  1. A) First you need to determine what you are trying to learn? What type of instrument and what genre. For example if you want to learn how to start playing Rock guitar you may want to get an electric guitar. You can review the answer to question 1 on how to select a guitar by selecting the link here http:xxxxxxxxxxx.
  2. Since  MusiciansRoom.com's web site uses adaptive technologies, you can use just about any computing device you may have. You may use a computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone with a good data connection that can meet minimum requirements so you can view streaming media. Here are the minimum  requirements
    1. Internet Bandwidth: To watch streamed video in Standard Definition your connection speed should be 900Kbps. To watch in High Definition your connection should be at 3.5Mbps (this connection speed should provide optimum performance)
    2. Web Browser: Any current  version of modern browsers should work. This includes  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
    3. Hardware: Intel Core Duo Processor or equivalent
    4. Operating Systems: Windows 7 (or higher), Mac iOS 10.7 (or newer), Chrome
    5. Plugins: To watch on Firefox Safari or Chrome you may need either Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash
  3. The better your speaker s are the better the experience.."More Cow Bell!!!"
  4. Just remember that most of us watch some form of streamed media today and that most computing devices that have been purchased with in the last 3 to 5 years should work.

Q)  How do I chose my first guitar?

Q) How do I tune my guitar

Q) How often do I need to practice? I guess the answer to that is another question! How badly do you want it? Of course the answer is that you should practice as often as you can. but its not just that simple. I first started by practicing till I had blisters on my finger tips. It was painful but I played through itWhere as when you practice, and how often you practice is a personal thing, We suggest that you try to practice an hour a day. But this is not always possible I personally found that if I don't practice something new at least once every other day the learning experience usually degrades and I find that I start to forget (my fingers anyway) and it can become a bit frustrating to have to start over.

Q) Does MusiciansRoom plan on teaching any other instruments and genresYes, MusiciansRoom has plans to teach many other instruments. Starting at the beginning of January we will be planning on teaching percussion instruments as well as violin and keyboards. Genres will include Folk, Rock, Blues and Jazz and may be expanded on.