Welcome to MusiciansRoom.com

Funding for school music programs is disappearing nationwide, but there’s no shortage of people with a burning desire to sing or play an instrument.  Recognizing a need for education, rehearsal, and recording facilities, To counter this trend, MusiciansRoom has taken the fundamental elements of music education—learning , creativity, connecting with peers, rehearsing together,and made them the cornerstones of a comprehensive learning experience.

MusiciansRoom is just  that; a room for musicians. A place for musicians to learn and collaborate with one another as well as an outlet and incubator for creative musical talent. A true community for and of musicians. This will be a place for those that wish to become serious musicians or for just a hobby. Or, for personal enrichment in the comfort of their homes, or take MusiciansRoom with them on any mobile device; either focusing on their own experiences or collectively with other musicians from around the web. Focus will be on traditional instruments, and traditional genre from Classical, Blues/Jazz Rock and World Focused music. To provide someone the necessary tools whether they want to be the next Segovia, Jobim, McCartney, Perlman or Ma or relax in the comfort of their home and be their own audience. Even if you are a journeyman musician, you may be able to learn how to play the other complimentary instrument you’ve always wanted to learn. 

Streamed Live and On Demand

By using a combination of existing and advanced video and networking technologies in conjunction with rich media applications, MusiciansRoom can serve the community of musicians with the tools and applications they deserve. The time couldn't be more perfect for musicians to leverage the low cost of bandwidth with cloud based infrastructure and applications. MusiciansRoom combines technologies such as video streaming and on-demand applications along with other feature rich solutions. Combining application such as IM, chat, email (ok was anyone really paying attention here...anyone use email anymore?) and social media as multiple options for real time communications between instructors and students as well as between the students and other students. Other sources such as blogs and news feeds can be used to notify students of coming events such as guest instructors or impromptu jam sessions. Maybe the students want to just jam among themselves without adults in the room? Look for future uses of applications to provide the musician with even more options . Other projects on the horizon include collaborative tools such as virtual studios and practice rooms.

The Classes and More

MusiciansRoom classes are generally 45 minutes to 1 hour long depending on the material covered. Classes dates may vary as well. Generally classes may run from 12 to 16 weeks or more. This may also vary between instructors. We'll leave that up to you ! Current instruments and courses covered are  Intro to Guitar, Rock Guitar Blues and Jazz Guitar.  Coming later in the Spring look for the introduction of other instruments  to include keyboards, violin/fiddle and percussion. Genres include Blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz. Other future features will include guest instructors, after class sessions, open/impromptu jams, Is there anything that you would like to see ? Let us know by simply sending us an email with your ideas at suggestions@musiciansroom.com. And please Remember..."Its all about the Music!"